God’s promises, God’s timing.

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Amber Danielle in Ministry

God’s promises are revealed and fulfilled in his timing, often on a calendar FAR different from our own. Waiting patiently is probably one of the most difficult things we’ll face in our walk with God.

Genesis 17:1-22, tells the story of a man named Abram. When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him and said “I am The Strong God, live entirely before me, live to the hilt! I’ll make a covenant between us and I’ll give you a huge family.”(V.2 MSG) Woah, woah, woah!!! Wait a minute! Let me get this straight…Abram is 99 years old and NOW he’s going get a huge family??? I don’t know about you, but I think if God told me that, I’d be a little bit nervous!

Ok, on with the story. Of course Abram was overwhelmed at this news. But it doesn’t stop there. The Lord appears to him again and says, “You’ll be the father of many nations. Your name will no longer be Abram, but Abraham, meaning that I’m making you the father of many nations…I’m establishing a covenant between me and you, a covenant that includes your descendants, a covenant that goes on and on, a covenant that commits me to be your God and the God of your descendants.”(V. 3-7 MSG) So not only is he being promised a huge family, but also receiving a name change, AND he is now the father of many nations! Abraham’s wife Sarai also received a name change. Genesis 17:15-16 says, “Then God said to Abraham, ‘Regarding Sarai, your wife-her name will no longer be Sarai. From now on her name will be Sarah. And I will bless her and give you a son from her…Kings of nations will be among her descendants.” So at this point, Abraham is laughing in disbelief. He is 99 years old, and Sarah is 90! I can understand why he would be a little uncertain. 

Now, let’s back up just a little bit. In Genesis 16, it explains how Abram’s wife had not been able to have children. So she had her husband sleep with her servant Hagar. Using her as a surrogate mother. As planned, Hagar became pregnant and had Ishmael. Obviously, there were some problems and tension between Sarai and Hagar after the fact. So much so, that Hagar ran away. An angel of the Lord found her in the wilderness and said “You are now pregnant and will give birth to a son. You are to name him Ishmael…. for the Lord has heard your cry of distress.””(Gen 16:11 NIV)  (Little side note:Ishmael means “God hears”). Abram was 86 when Ishmael was born.

Moving ahead to Genesis 21. This is where the Lord’s promise to Sarah and Abraham came through. Sarah became pregnant, just as God promised! And at the ripe age of  90 she gave birth toa son. Abraham named him Isaac. (Little side note: Isaac means “laughter.” Kind of ironic, huh?) 

So just like he came through for Sarah, giving her a son at the ripe age of 90, he will come through for us. All too often we decide to step in and try to make things happen ourselves, ultimately getting in the way of what God is trying to do. God has a plan for your life that will unfold in his timing and his way. Let go of your ANXIETYand SELF-RELIANCE and wait patiently with a listening ear and a ready heart to do his will.

*~*Thoughts From Amber*~*


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